Volunteer Request Form

DV's commit full-time (typically 40 hours per week) to ministries that vary widely from teaching, administering social service programs, public policy advocacy, immigrant rights organizing, nursing, and organic farming. There is indeed good and needed work for all gifts and interests!

All DVUSA ministries are centered on the needs of our brothers and sisters, especially of the marginalized. Some address the needs through systemic change as opposed to direct service. Preference is also made for ministries in which Dominican sisters and friars are already engaged, and for those that are in urban areas where public transportation is readily available.

Due to funding and other circumstances out of our control, every ministry site may not be available each year. We do our best to secure positions and provide diverse opportunities.

If you are a ministry site interested in hosting a volunteer, click here and return the form with supplemental materials by email to Margaret Gorman at (or mail to address below).