Bella Bogin joins us from Columbus, Ohio. She is a graduate of Ohio Dominican with concentrations in Political Science, Peace and Justice Studies, and Environmental Science. This year she is serving at Siena House, a women‘s shelter for women with children under the age of three. When asked why she chose Dominican Volunteers, she said,

 “I applied to Dominican Volunteers USA because I’m always looking to challenge myself in my service and study of community building and advocacy work. During my time at Ohio Dominican University, I was encouraged to connect my passion with my purpose; through community involvement, course work, prayer, and by making myself useful to others. I've always wanted to help those who felt helpless and hopeless, for I know what it feels like to be voiceless. The struggles that I've faced and witnessed have driven me to be a passionate and ambitious advocate for the environment, women's rights, and for the care of the poor. I've had many opportunities to give my time to serve those who were forced to face injustices. I have learned to love the hard work and many hours that go into changing systemic injustices.”