Brigid Mathiesen joins Dominican Volunteers from Houston, TX. She just finished her studies at DeSalles University majoring in Theology. This year she is serving as a teacher’s aide and religious studies teacher at St. James Elementary in San Francisco, CA. When asked why she chose Dominican Volunteers, she said:

“I am applying to be a Dominican Volunteer USA because of my deep seated desire to reach others about Christ. I believe if we can know more about God and love he shares with his Church, the more we can know and love ourselves. Which in turn can help us to know and love others more intimately. It can start in the classroom, by getting a basic and fundamental understanding of God and his Church. It is actualized by charitable works outside that classroom and integrating it into other aspects of our lives. A clear understanding of Christ’s love and how it operates can bring a student into being who they are and being that well.”