Kayla Grodzicki joins Dominican Volunteers USA from Meriden, CT. She graduated from Dominican College of Blauvelt with a concentration in Social Work. She is serving at Sarah’s Inn in Oak Park, IL. When asked why she chose Dominican Volunteers USA, she said:

“I applied to Dominican Volunteers USA for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason I would have to say is because I felt a calling on two levels—to serve and to live the Dominican life. Throughout my life I have been volunteering. It’s something that calls to me and it is my passion in life. Every individual has their own passion that brings them joy and light to their life, my joy and light is given to me by the success of others knowing I was able to help in any way. I love having the opportunity to help people as much as possible and getting to hear their own personal story at the same time. I first heard about Dominican Volunteers after my freshman year when I attended the Preaching in Action conference and since then it has been on my mind. I feel it is what I am supposed to do and where I should be.”