Giving tuesday
Message from our staff

Alums, Friends, and Families of Dominican Volunteers USA,

800 years ago, in 1216, St. Dominic de Guzmán established the Dominican Order, a new order built upon the four pillars of prayer, study, community, and ministry. Over the years, the Dominican Sisters in the United States have continued Dominic’s mission and have dedicated their lives to the service of others. They have served with society’s margins in countless roles, including counselors, lawyers, teachers, and campus ministers in the United States and around the world. They have protected human rights and supported the care of our entire planet; they have offered ministry and counsel to both children and adults. Through the years, the Dominican Sisters have stood by society when and where they are most needed.

Our sisters founded Dominican Volunteers USA as a way for lay men and women to continue to preach through action the Dominican mission our most vulnerable fellow humans. Over the last two decades, our volunteers have taught children and adults; connected refugees with employment and housing; supported families living in domestic violence; provided shelter to the homeless; advocated for global issues at the United Nations; and so so much more. And many of you know first-hand, the transformative experience of living with the change-makers that are our sisters.  

In the spirit of giving-thanks, Dominican Volunteers USA is launching its first ever Giving Tuesday Campaign on November 29.

5 for 5! Campaign. UNselfie! We are asking every alumnus, current volunteer, and board member to give five dollars (or more, if able) to DVUSA and recruit five friends or family members to do the same.

Here are the specifics:

We hope to light social media on November 29 with a viral campaign. At 8 AM Eastern time, on Facebook, Twitter or your platform of choice, briefly tell your own personal experience with DVUSA and why it is important to you. Follow the directions below and post statement under your personal paragraph. Include your own UNselfie - a photo of yourself with the “I give because…” sign attached below. Be sure to use hashtags - #UNselfie #DVUSA #GivingTuesday

Allison’s UNselfie and example post are here below as an example. Click here to download and print your own Unselfie sign.

Allison's Unselfie

"5 for 5! Why are YOU called to give?

Dominican Volunteers USA is participating in our first ever Giving Tuesday campaign. In a consumer culture that insists that greatness can be bought or earned, it is right to remember that people are worth more than things and that EVERYONE is worthy of love and dignity. Dominican Volunteers live out that truth every day in their ministry sites and communities.

I’m giving at least $5 to DVUSA and I challenge these 5 people (list five people) to do the same. Copy and paste this on your page and post with a picture of yourself holding a sign with why you support DVUSA on Giving Tuesday. Be sure to use the hashtags #UNselfie #DVUSA #GivingTuesday!  Thank you!"

As a scheduling note --- we suggest that you write your facebook post ahead of time and “schedule” it to post at 8 am Eastern time on November 29. (Scheduling option is found by pressing the arrow to the right of “publish.”)

Thanks for all you do.

In these uncertain and troubling times, the work of DVUSA matters more than ever.

Margaret Gorman, Allison Beyer, and David Gayes

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